Spice Up Your Party by Serving Chocolate Cigars

At one point or another, people are tempted to light a cigar and smoke. Some people actually find it relaxing to their senses when they smoke a cigar after a stressful work. And yet, some others just smoke it just because they think it’s chic and smoking it would make them look a lot cooler.   The point is, many people do love cigars, making it a nice treat for your cigar-smoking guests on a special occasion.

Now as if cigars aren’t great enough, try adding chocolate to it. Yes, that’s right. Chocolate cigars are really a nice way to spice up a party. Generally, chocolate cigars come in a wide variety of flavor to choose from, each with its own distinct taste of chocolate. There are basically three prime elements that together make up the distinct taste and other perks of chocolate cigars— caffeine (stimulates pleasure and enhances the flavor), theobromine (a good cough reliever), and the phenylethylamine (gives the wonderful feeling when eating chocolate).

For your own party, it is important that you are aware of which chocolate cigar varieties would appeal best to your guests. Although all chocolate-flavored cigars do taste great, there are particular varieties that more people would often prefer. If your party is to be attended by younger guests, then it would be more preferrable to go for chocolate cigars with a lighter taste. 

But where do you get these cigars for your special occasion?

Well if you have a considerably good amount of patience, going out to visit one local store to another to find the best brand shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re one of the many people who are always looking for more convenient ways to do thing, ordering online will work to your great advantage. All you have to do is connect to the internet, visit your favorite online store, and shop for chocolate cigar varieties of your pick. By doing this, you’ll be able to save more time and do away with the many hassles of actually shopping around in local stores.

So there. Serving chocolate cigars on a special occassion is indeed a great idea to consider if you wish to give your guests a worthwhile and pleasurable experience. But to be able to do this, you need to see to it that you particularly identify the preferences of your guests. Now if you’re not so confident about this, going for  chocolate cigars with milder tastes is a wiser choice since they are known to appeal to more people than stronger and sweeter varieties.

A Glance at Some of the Most Popular Cigar Varieties for Cigar Lovers

Other people might not take “cigar” matters too seriously. But for self-professed cigar aficionados, everything that deals with it are just too interesting to ignore. Cigar lovers smoke cigars for a lot of different reasons. While some just smoke it to appear cool, some people smoke it to relieve stress or even a way to boost their energy.

But whatever reason one has for smoking cigars, having an idea about its different varieties is significant. Today, there are already a lot of cigar varieties available in the market. And almost every now and then, newer sorts and brands are being introduced.

                On that note, here are considerably some of the most popular brands and/or varieties that cigar lovers just can’t help but adore:

  • ·Cuban Cigars – This variety of cigars is arguably the most popular pick among cigar afficionados from all around the world. They are primarily hand-made using only the best tobacco leaves. They’re also known to have a sole-of-its-kind taste; hence, it isn’t so surprising why they also cost far more expensive than other brands and varieties.
  • ·Macanudo Cigars – The General Cigar Company brought life to this fine variety in the year 1971 where it easily became a sensation among cigar lovers. Most probably, the most distinctive feature of a Macanudo cigar is the classy Connecticut Shade wrapper wrapped around it, which features a unique mix of careful binders that are almost exclusively cultured in Mexico, specifically in St. Andres Tuxtla Valley, and Dominican tobaccos.
  • ·Acid Cigars – This particular variety of cigars is entirely made up of natural cigars. For people who are looking for completely herbal cigar, acid cigar are definitely a prime pick. It is the best of its kind when it comes to being organic and aromatic as it is manufactured with only the best tobaccos and over a hundred essential oils and herbal ingredients.
  • ·Montecristo Cigars – It was in the later part of 1930 that this brand of cigars came into existence. Basically, it became widely popular among cigar lovers around the year 1844 through the infamous novel “Le Comte de Monte Cristo” written by Alexandre Dumas. Montecristo cigars are well-loved by many cigar smokers because of its sweet flavor and next-to-perfect processing.

So these are just few of the many available cigar varieties in the market. Whether you’re one who go for the  strong or the sweet taste, there will always be a brand that will suit your taste best.