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Wholesale Cigar business is a very difficult business to sustain. But we are here to not only sustain but we intend to win this industry with our hard work and perseverance. Planet Wholesale is in the Wholesale Cigar business past couple of decades and we have learned the hard core secrets of this business. We are not afraid to share some of our winning strategies since we know that only we could have achieve the goals that we have made for ourselves. Even though other wholesale cigar businesses might adopt the same strategies, it is not the strategies that would help them, it is how you execute those strategies well and how to excel in maintaining them. This is what we propose to anyone who wants to manage and excel in wholesale cigar business,

  •  You absolutely should have complete in-depth knowledge about Cigars and all it major brands. If possible you should keep yourself updated with every single brand that is out there in the market as well as the upcoming ones. This also means that you should know how those Cigar brands are made (like machine rolled or hand rolled etc) as well as how to store them.
  • Storing Cigars is a very important topic. Some Cigars are to be kept in humidors all the time to keep them fresh. Others come in pre-humidor packaging and some don’t need to be maintained in humidors.
  • Try to become a direct distributor with the manufacturers rather than becoming resellers. This helps you to have direct relations with manufacturer that could provide you with amazing deals. Go and visit their manufacturing sites. Especially the ones in Caribbean countries for imported premium cigars and learn how they make them. Trust us, it would be very helpful to run Wholesale Cigar business.
  • Always keep the accessories along with Cigars in Wholesale Cigar business. Accessories are like the ornaments that makes your inventory look even better.
  • Customer service is the key in any business. Same is true in wholesale cigar business. People inquire a lot of about prices. Respond to inquiries immediately. First impression is the last impression. Remember, Customer is the God.
  • Don’t always wait for Customers to come to you. Open other channels to do business and to reach the customers. One way is to create custom programs to fit various businesses that keeps Cigars  like Casino, Golf Course, Gas Station, Convenience Store or Gentleman’s Club, Cigar Lounges and other retail shops.
  • Create your own Cigar clubs and organize events to invite all your current customers as well all the prospective customers. Throw some freebies in the event and make it a great fun networking event.
  • Keep you promise. Deliver on time and provide the promised product at promised rate.
  • Be present everywhere. If you want to be know as the best wholesale cigar distributor, you have to be present in online world. Have your own website, create your online reputation on major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr etc.

There are so many other secrets that are not mentioned here. But then that’s why they are called secrets.

Well many of the Wholesale Cigar business might be doing everything that is mentioned above, but still they might not be the best in the business. Remember its all about how to execute the above as well as what makes you the unique in this business to become the best in the wholesale cigar business.


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