3 Significant Factors that Help in Choosing Cigars

Cigars are pretty much popular these days. Back then, only seasoned smokers would be seen smoking them. But today tells a different story. Even rookies now find it rather more appealing to light cigars than cigarettes. It could be because they’re tastier or classier, or both.

Now should you find yourself tempted to try out smoking cigars too, the most basic thing you need to do is determine your personal preferences. Since there are a myriad of options available when it comes to choosing cigars, not being able to identify your personal taste will leave you at the crossroad.

So how do you actually choose your brand of cigar? Well, here are three significant factors you need to carefully consider:

  • Body – Cigars come in different bodies— mild, medium, and full. When choosing which is which, you have to go back to your personal preferences. Since bodied cigars may also taste differently, it’s important that you choose one that perfectly matches your taste buds.


  • Size – When you talk about the size of a cigar, there are two essential elements involved— its length (which is measured by inches) and the ring (measures the diameter of a cigar). You should know that the size of a cigar somehow affects its flavor. But more than just that, an important thing to consider when choosing the size of your cigar is your available time for smoking. Yes, that’s right. Basically, longer cigars, like a 7-inch one, would be perfect if you’re not really on hurry. Otherwise, it would be more preferable to just go for shorter cigars instead.


  • Rating – It is rather impossible to talk about choosing cigars and not talk about their rating. Cigars are being rated based on how popular they are in the market and what cigar aficionados think about them. This so-called rating is pretty much a straightforward one where people rate cigars from 0-100, where those that are rated below 70 are considered “low-quality” cigars. So before you go out and buy your first cigar, it pays to get informed first on how cigars are rated so you’ll have an idea which would make better options.

For people who don’t smoke, the differences among cigar varieties don’t really matter. But if you’re a seasoned cigar smoker, you’ll find each and every variety distinct from the others. So to find the cigar that would be perfect for your lifestyle and palate, be sure to look closely at the given different factors before you go out and buy your cigar.